Simple and Secure and highly customized Telehealth solution to improve patient outcomes, drive your medical practice revenues, high-quality remote care and enhance patient-physician collaborations. Our solution optimizes your clinical workflow to treat more patients and have a complete control of your business.

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Telemedicine for Clinics

The most powerful platform for delivering comprehensive remote care.

Improve access, efficiency and results — all through an incredible patient experience. Our solution make it possible to organize multi-participant videoconferences for work meetings, remote training or tele-expertise sessions  between doctors. An application that allows healthcare professionals to share important medical data or communicate with their patients or other professionals, our encrypted technology enables you to provide a convenient, secure and easy-to-use and affordable solution.


  • View Your Staff Profile
  • Securely Access PHR & Health Data
  • Patient Appointments
  • Ask Questions
  • Get Health Monitored
  • Consult via Video
  • Access your Health Blog
  • Receive e-Prescriptions
  • Make Payments
  • Receive Mobile Notifications
  • Doctor Listing & Profiles
  • Text Consultations
  • Custom Branding to match the image of your organization
  • Peer to Peer Meetings for two colleagues who are within the same clinic to connect
  • Share room access for clinicians who get busy and need a colleague to cover