A highly collaborative solution that presents a solution to support staff and extend coverage for patients suffering from TIAs, breakthrough seizures, Parkinson’s, and other neurological conditions. Our TeleNeurology solutions also presents an affordable opportunity to provide routine consults on patients with neurologic conditions without having to recruit a full-time neurologist.


A integrated solution to th doctors who want to provide the possibility to optimize their patients management, centralize their data, communicate via a messaging service, teleconsultation or obtain a complementary medical opinion to patients coming from abroad, expatriates or outside the healthcare circuit and to offer them a secure medical data exchange solution while being able to benefit from communication tools offered by telemedicine technology.


A telementoring program that helps health care providers learn about diseases, conditions and/or processes from experts and provide specialized care to their own patients. Using widely available videoconferencing technology, clinical management tools, didactic presentations and case‐based learning, our TeleMentoring solutions provide learning communities to improve quality, reduce variety and standardize best practices.


Our TeleMonitoring solution provides a personalized 24/7 digital monitoring on smart phones or a mobile device of the user’s choice. The TeleMonitoring center is a physical entity that hosts TeleNurses and the equipment, and performs two functions: TeleMonitoring and communication with patients. The monitoring part is automatic/algorithmic and runs in the background, while the communication between the TeleNurse, the patient and the care team occurs during working hours.


The TeleNurse provides a personalized care to patients enrolled in the telemonitoring service. Our solution allows one nurse to monitor and communicate with approximately 50 patients a day, or a maximum of 500 patients per month and be in charge of organizing and implementing care protocols for chronic/multi-morbid patients.


A simple and affordable telehealth platform that securely connects patients and providers. The platform includes numerous value-added features including group session capabilities, payment integration, e-Signature, document sharing, encrypted private messaging, robust reporting, and customized branding. The platform is simple to use and easy to set up.